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Resit Help for Dissertation

Students required to resit a dissertation are never in a frame of mind to repeat the tedious task. To avoid jeopardizing their career, they opt for professional resit dissertation help so they may ensure passing the second time. According to several UK universities, the permission to resit a dissertation at the Master’s level is available normally in substantiated extenuating circumstances, accepted at the discretion of the Board of Examiners and where the original mark awarded is within 2% of the minimum pass mark for the dissertation. Still, these norms may vary slightly from one university to another.

It is often found that even students with merit are required to resit a dissertation for a multitude of reasons. The most common grounds include the failure of their work to reach the desired level and the plagiarism that occurred due to improper citation of reference sources and literature. Low standards of writing or language use may be another reason. Apart from that, a dissertation may be loaded with factual errors that can increase the gravity of the situation. However, Dissertation Services UK can come to rescue in all such situations.

We offer complete resit dissertation help to UK scholars. We assist by mentoring the students personally, providing study notes, and explaining key difficulty areas to the concerned students. When you opt for resit help for dissertation, we make sure that you clearly understand what is expected of you with a dissertation resit. The following guidelines would help you in achieving the desired objectives:

  • Go through the detailed feedback of your supervisor before you approach anyone or start working on your own
  • Focus on doubtful areas even if you have decided to go for dissertation resit help.
  • Decide whether your original work calls for thorough dissertation editing or complete rewriting.
  • Check your basic dissertation structure, as well as your dissertation abstract. Ensure that during resit, your dissertation abstract clearly mentions the nature and scope of the work undertaken by you. It should also mention the main conclusions drawn from the findings of your study. Your abstract should not exceed 150-200 words for a Master’s dissertation.
  • The assessment criteria for your dissertation resit are as follows: 10% to chapter 1 or Introduction, 20% to Literature Review , 20% to Research Design or Methodology, 30% to Findings and Analysis , 10% to Conclusion and Recommendations, and 10% to Presentation and Referencing.
  • Ensure that your Introduction chapter clearly sets the context for your study and the
    problem or issue is properly identified.
  • Draw sufficient evidences in support of your research and define clearly why this research question or problem needs to be understood.
  • Check whether the objectives of your research are clearly identifiable and whether they reflect the milestones of your research paper.
  • Use active verbs that are of a high level
  • Organise your literature sources and develop a conceptual map in the Literature Review section.

You need to work upon many other details, apart from the ones mentioned above. So, hiring the services of a professional dissertation resit help provider like us is a wise step. A resit dissertation edited or written by a professional writer can work wonders under such circumstances. Dissertation Services UK, as an academic assistance company, would ensure the successful approval of your dissertation when you resubmit it.

Our Support Process

Tolstoy had noted that happy families do not have much to talk about; it is the unhappy families that can be projected from a multitude of perspectives. Similarly, a research study that has been duly credited shares the same happy picture, while a rejected dissertation is instructed to undergo radical changes within its current form so as to protect the student from a host of difficulties. Among the most recurrent problems attached to the dissertations that have been refused pass credits by faculty members, one must acknowledge that the morale of the student or researcher is at its nadir. He or she neither has the intent nor the know-how to correct it, as well as go over the same process again in order to pass the paper.

How we relieve you of stress:
  • Our dissertation editors go through the comments given by your faculty members.
  • They peruse the dissertation you have submitted to your institution.
  • Further, our editors keep in mind all the inputs you provide
  • They understand your entire research in detail before going through reviewer comments or starting to make alterations in your content.
  • If your work needs revamp in terms of language, they make sure that it is revised in a way that makes it free of all types of linguistic errors. If required per the comments, they also work on language restructuring, reorganisation, and comprehension.

Keeping so many factors in mind and still recreating a dissertation that has already been worked upon by someone, is indeed a tough task to accomplish. Moreover, our editors keep in mind that since they are not working on a brand new project, the liberty that they normally have is not there. Redoing the existing draft of a dissertation and making it better by leaps and bounds is an uphill task, and it must always be tackled by professionals in the field.

We understand that a typical resit dissertation normally comes with a very tight deadline . This further aggravates tension on the part of the student, as well as pressure on the editor. However, having delegated the task to a competent professional agency like Dissertation Services UK, you can always be sure of timely project delivery , along with extended client support service . Thus, avoid any delay and approach us right away. Simply send an email to us at info@dissertationservices.co.uk. Our representatives will connect with you in no time.

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