What You Can Learn from Reading the Harvard Business Review

There is a lot to learn from reading the Harvard Business Review. This is especially true for students of finance, management and business. By reading the Review on a regular basis they learn what all happens in the real business world. In the classroom all they learn is theory. But when they log on to the Review, they find a platform where they come to understand how everything they learnt in theory is put to use in the real world.

There are a lot of analysis and discussions in the Harvard Business Review. By reading the articles students come to know if everything they learnt in theory is actually applicable in the real world of the marketplace. If it is not then what changes can they make in their learning to ensure that they are ready to work in an actual corporation.

There are articles that discuss the use of artificial intelligence in today’s multinational corporations. There are writers who give advice on how to design an effective agenda in a meeting. Then there are interesting human interest stories like if there is too much learning going on in today’s workplace and how much of it is actually necessary.

Students who are working on their dissertations have to realise that they are only one step away from working in the real world. While pursuing their education they have to simultaneously get themselves ready for moving out of the theoretical classroom and stepping into the real world.

For students who are working on their management and business administration projects, the Review can be a great source of information, and one from which much can be learnt. So make it a point to read it and read it thoroughly. This way you can stay updated with all the latest happenings in the business world.