Top 6 tips for speedy dissertation approval for your PhD revealed!

Writing a dissertation and getting it approved in the first go is an art that most of the research scholars haven’t mastered yet. Adequate knowledge of implicit and explicit rules helps in heading towards a dissertation document that deserves to get approved and published.

Although writing does not come naturally to many, one can excel in this process on obtaining a few handy tips and by practising the writing process. After all practice makes a man perfect. 

If you are dreaming of getting your dissertation published in the high impact journal, then make sure the below mentioned points are considered while crafting your journal paper.

  1. Go through previous papers published in your field of study field – Literature study, the starting point of a research activity lays a solid foundation to your research. Without studying the previous research, you will not know the had remained incomplete in your field of study. Although this  process consumes time, it is definitely worth reading. However, it is impossible to read each and every published paper. Hence narrow down your specific field of study and based on it read only the key points. 
  2. Do not plagiarise – Never take the easy or shortcut road. Just because you are running out of ideas or you are in a hurry, don’t just simply copy the content from different sources into your dissertation. If you find a content relevant to your study and you want to include it, then rephrase it by in-depth understanding before incorporating it. It is obvious that you cannot rewrite the quotes. Under such circumstances include quotation marks. This will help you prevent plagiarism, an offensive crime.
  3. Acknowledge the authors of previous papers – Acknowledging previous papers is of utmost importance in the dissertation writing process. Know that most of the reviewers for your paper are the authors of previous publications of the similar topic. Hence it becomes a necessity to acknowledge them.
  4. Excel in consistency – Dissertation is not a story book or a novel. The reader cannot interpret what exactly you are trying to convey. Include interesting and consistent content which can help the reader understand your thoughts or ideas. And, do not forget to give it a polished look with the help of professionals delivering top-notch dissertation proofreading service UK. 
  5. Pay attention to the rules of English language – Your hard work won’t be considered if there are pesky errors such as grammatical, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, etc. Such errors have a greater capacity to grasp the reader’s attention. Hence pay extra attention to them. Also, it is advisable to use objective statements rather than subjective statements.
  6. Proofread your document – Although you have taken utmost care while writing your dissertation, grammatical, punctuation errors, misspellings, dead verbs etc will crawl into your dissertation unknowingly. Hence it becomes a necessity to proofread the dissertation before the submission. If you are not confident with the proofreading process or you are running out of time, consider taking help from team offering dissertation proofreading service UK. 

Now that you know what all aspects need to be considered while writing a dissertation, craft an excellent dissertation which is not just approval-ready but also publish-worthy!