Setting A Daily Dissertation Writing Schedule

If you underestimate the amount of time it would take to write a dissertation, you would end up regretting the same at a later date. Several graduate students across the world put in their time and efforts in the very last minute only to find that they have to scramble to synthesise their ideas and thoughts on paper. This makes the already stressful process even more stressful. You can avoid all these last minute problems by setting a daily dissertation writing schedule.

Designate a dissertation buddy

Ask one of your classmates to let you report your daily progress to him or her every day. There are many write-ins, dissertation boot camps, and various other gatherings at universities to support the progress of research students. However, most of these meetings take place infrequently (say once a week or so). If you only worked on your research work with one of these groups, you would find that they would ask you to write a little bit of your research work every day.

Set a regular dissertation schedule

Set aside some time for doing your research work every day by setting a regular schedule for the same. It may look like you are trying to handle too many things at a time and the entire schedule may seem rigid. Choose a block of time amid your busy schedule for penning down your thoughts related to your research work every day. Select a place in which you can write your dissertation without any distractions. However, make sure the place has a decent internet connection and whatever else is necessary for finding new ideas related to your research work. Also, you can make use of apps such as the time management app on your smartphone, a calendar or sticky notes to manage your schedule.

Know your style

Are you comfortable standing or sitting while working? Do you feel better when you work from home rather than from the library? Do you like to sit around and ponder for a long time and then write or just keep penning down your thoughts? Do you like to work in absolute silence or with some music in the background? It is important to know your style so that you can avoid all the hassles and problems related to writing your dissertation.