Role of Meta-Analysis in Research

Meta-analysis in research refers to the investigation of an investigation. An analysis done over an analysis comes under the shade of meta-analysis. It helps in scoring higher degree of research results. Thus, sign of good dissertation lies in its refined result and this refined result can be achieved through meta-analysis.

Meta-analysis is a main methodological tool for clinical research, which is done over other pre defined researches in order to find better results for the cure of any ailment. However, now a day all types of dissertation involves it in order to get an advance outcome. Let us examine how the role of meta-analysis is advantageous in all the dissertations?

  • Any biased result performed at any stage can be easily detected
  • Hypothesis results can also be applied to the final conclusion
  • Exponential powers of data can be augmented by increasing the accuracy of the results and getting a precise detail.
  • Variations seen by undertaking studies can be easily examined.
  • Its result can be applied to a larger populace
  • Any missing concept, irregularity in data of result and any error can be easily analyzed
For analyzing above advantages, there are some steps of meta-analysis
  • Acknowledging the problem for study
  • Pre defined tests are taken into considerations
  • Choose the mode of analysis
    • Specific learning for a defined topic
    • Quality based investigation
    • Choose steps to avoid biases
      • Selection of variables or sample size during statistical analysis
      • Difference figures
    • Continuous figures

      • Selection of waning technique to examine the effect of chosen figures
      • Current research results are compare it with that of the past records
      • Variations between results will tell you about the importance of meta-analysis in any research

However, right selection of previous study, mode of analysis and sample size can only lead you towards a positive result of the meta-analysis and make out a glazed dissertation.