How to Write a First Class Dissertation?

Dissertations always come along with two main goals: Firstly demonstrating a thorough knowledge on selected topics; and secondly to reveal a firm hold on different research methods. If the dissertation is well-written, it will ensure that individuals possess high-level of learning, communication and skills to dig out right information. This knowledge helps them in their future personal, academic, and professional pursuits. A well-chosen topic, originality and arguments regarding both the strengths and weaknesses are the part of a first-class dissertation.

First-class dissertation criteria

Basically, there are four categories for first-class dissertation criteria type of academic document: and the categories are first class, second class, third class and last is fail. The” first-class dissertation means a grade of 70 per cent or higher is generally. If you want to attain a first-class dissertation, which is the highest class possible, it is important that you understand what the markers are looking for.

Communicate with supervisors to clarify your doubts

Your supervisors have an important role in getting a first grade in your dissertation. They can thoroughly review your work before making a final submission. You should here ask them for a positive feedback. The should also give their constructive criticism, while emphasizing on the fact that your ultimate goal is to achieve a first-class mark in your dissertation. Ensure that you keep your supervisors well informed throughout the process.

When students ail to complete these important step, this mistake costs heavily and they lose valuable marks. This may result in attaining a second or third-class grade. Also, the written research should also come at a very high level. This includes well-structured sentences, paragraphs and usage of correct syntax and grammar. You can never achieve a first-class grade if you submit a dissertation with a poorly chosen topic or a thesis.

Content of a first-class thesis or dissertation

Follow the specific dissertation structure while writing this type of dissertation or thesis. It starts with proper introduction and literature review, and is followed by a methodology which comes along with a conclusion, recommendations, and references.

Hence, if a writer follows the above mentioned tips, he can attain a first class dissertation and can eventually perform well in his exams.