Dreadful Mistakes To Avoid In A Literature Review

A literature review is a part and parcel of a dissertation. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to focus on it as compared to any other part of the dissertation. 9 percent of a dissertation is rejected solely on the basis of poorly written literature reviews. You must, therefore, focus on the literature review. Here are some dreadful mistakes to avoid in a literature review.

Failure to Comprehend Research Works

Students are often unable to connect the research works to the researchers and also with their study. This can confuse the supervisors or examiners. You should make sure you have mentioned only those research works that are relevant to your study.

Focusing Too Much on Secondary Literature

As compared to primary literature, secondary literature is much less reliable. So, you would need to be more careful with that. Make sure you focus more on primary literature as compared to on secondary literature. Do not neglect primary literature.

Being over Critical About Some Authors

Sometimes, research students end up criticizing the authors they are referring to so much that they end up proving that the authors are completely wrong. This happens because students want to make their research look superior to that of the other authors. Therefore, make sure that you do not end up doing anything like that.

Failure to Find Important Research Works

Are you aware of what research work is important and what is not? Do you know what research was neglected? You might not know since you were not there at the time the authors wrote the books or research works. The best way to handle this situation is by doing research on those particular research works that you are referring to. This way, you can find out which research work is relevant to yours’ and which one is not.