4 must-have ingredients for an impeccable argumentative research paper

Research paper, an integral part of the curriculum, is a final product of an entangled process of critical thinking, organisation, composition & analysis of data. Research papers are usually scientific in nature and are of various types including argumentative papers, analytical papers, definition papers, cause and effect papers, compare and contrast papers, reports, and interpretive papers. Among these the most popular one is, the argumentative research paper. 

As the name suggests, the argumentative research paper provides arguments with supporting statements and opinions. This paper provides both sides of the controversial issue in a single paper. However, writing this kind of research paper is an arduous task. This is because in an academic argumentative research paper, it’s not merely about subjective opinions backed up by personal experiences, instead you need to present logical reasoning and evidence to justify your research. So, what needs to be included in this paper? To find out the essentials that need to be incorporated in this research paper, we got in touch with the top organisations offering research paper writing help in UK, found out the crucial aspects to be included in an argumentative paper and have listed them below for your reference.

  1. Latest controversial topic: The most confusing & toughest task is to find an interesting & debatable in your area of interest. However, it is advisable to avoid choosing topics that are related to personal preference and do not add value to your academics such as Jazz music over pop music, spicy food over sweet foods etc. Also, if possible stay away from political & religious topics such as existence of God etc as it can hurt the sentiments of your readers.
  2. Thought provoking research statement – Once the topic is ready, it is time to develop a research statement. A research statement helps you convince your reader your point of view. Before choosing one, thoroughly go through your subject and figure out which works best for you. The best option is here to play the role of devil’s advocate, i.e. support both pros and cons of the chosen topic. Remember, your argumentative paper must express a strong opinion. If you need any help in presenting both sides of your topic, consider talking to writers providing research paper writing help in UK. Click here to know more about research paper writing service in UK.  
  3. Supporting evidence – Include the strongest evidence that supports your argument. Also, do not just stick onto one type of evidence, use a variety of evidence such as research case studies, statistics, proven examples, facts etc.
  4. Intense conclusion – Save your best argument for the conclusion section. Do not just recap the research statement in the conclusion part. Include a strong conclusion which summarises your point of view. Consider using statistics in the conclusion, as it leaves no room for doubt in your reader’s mind. 

Tip: While crafting argumentative research paper, avoid using emotional words/sentences or emotional point of view. Instead use logical conclusion that moves your reader.